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While the Wedding Reception is generally the “big party” of the wedding weekend, there are many other occasions to honor the bridal couple in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Invitations to these events should be mailed no later than four weeks before the event.

The rehearsal dinner tends to be the most important party preceding the actual wedding. Generally hosted by the parents of the groom, these parties can range from rather large formal dinners to more casual affairs. Trends across the country vary, but most rehearsal dinners are casual in nature and designed more of a mixer to introduce friends and families from across both sides of the aisle. The invitation should match the spirit of the occasion and should be sent no later than two weeks after the wedding invitation is mailed.

Parties preceding the wedding may include bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette events, bridesmaid parties and teas and parties during the weekend to keep your guests engaged. For the most part, these invitations tend to fun and whimsical and designed to match the spirit of the occasion. The morning-after brunch has become an important fixture at most weddings. Generally hosted by the bride’s parents or their friends, this is a great occasion to say goodbyes. Monogrammed napkins celebrating the wedding are a useful touch for this event.

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