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Guild members report that close to 50 percent of bridal couples send Save-the-Date announcements to guests that they intend to invite to the wedding. While this percentage may be disproportionately high, it is a clear indication that people have busy schedules and it is best to engage them early once you have set the wedding date. A Save-the-Date announcement is an effective way to do so.

Member stores will generally counsel couples to use a Save-the-Date announcement for destination weddings and wedding dates that conflict with holidays and vacation schedules. Sensible use of a Save-the-Date announcement can not only help in simplifying logistics for your guests, it may also save you money.

A well-crafted Save-the-Date announcement should motivate the recipient to take action and, where possible, provide the guest with sufficient information on how to direct his or her energy. While some couples prefer Save-the-Date announcements that coordinate with their wedding invitation, most prefer a more casual approach to call attention to the event. For instance, palm trees or sea shells might work well for a beach wedding; colored leaves could serve as back-drop for a fall wedding; and there are many fun bridal themes that can used to get your guests to pencil-in the weekend.

Where possible, we recommend that travel and accommodation information accompany the announcement rather than the wedding invitation. If accommodations are scarce, block-off rooms at one or more hotels and encourage your guests to register quickly. Your guests will welcome your advice and suggestions.

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