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Planning a wedding requires considerable organizational skills to insure that friends and family located across a wide geography show up on time to the planned wedding events and, most importantly, enjoy themselves! Found below is a wedding date (WD) timeline to assist bridal couples develop their customized paper trail:

WD -6++ Months for Save-the-Date Announcements: Given people’s hectic schedules, we encourage couples to give their guests a “Heads-Up” announcement anywhere from four months to a year before the wedding. This is particularly important for destination weddings and weddings that may conflict with holiday and vacation schedules

WD -15 Weeks for Wedding Invitations: As a rule-of-thumb, formal wedding invitations and the reply card set should be received by your guest eight weeks before the wedding. Wedding invitations generally take between two to six weeks to print. Budget a week or two to address and mail your invitations.

WD -7 Weeks for Rehearsal dinner, showers, bridesmaid parties and post-wedding brunch: Invitations to these events should be mailed within two weeks after the wedding invitation has been sent.

WD -4 Weeks for Wedding Programs: Wedding programs are probably one of the more complex, error-prone and time-intensive events for a wedding. Coordination with your Church or Synagogue is essential before assembling your program. Allow four weeks and several proofs to receive your final wedding program.

WD -2 Weeks for Reception Papers: Seating and Table Cards and Menu cards should be prepared at least two weeks before the Reception. Don’t wait until the last minute, particularly if you are working with a calligrapher.

Personal stationery for the bride and groom should be ordered around the time that wedding invitations are ordered. Keeping on top of your “Thank You” notes will help relieve stress and embarrassment.

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