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The hand-written note conveys a sense of intimacy and personal engagement that other forms of communications simply cannot match. For generations, people of all ages have used personal correspondence to express their heart-felt sentiments and considered opinions. This civilized form of communication is rapidly becoming extinct with the emergence of pro-forma “Thank You” notes, e-mails, maudlin greeting cards and even third-party business services that will send “personalized” template notes to your friends and family on their birthdays. Once the “personal” is removed from social correspondence, the consideration that one gives to another human being is greatly diminished in the exchange.

There are three basic styles of social stationery: the folded-note, the correspondence card and the sheet or letter. The folded note with a monogram or name on the front-leaf continues to be favored by women for their personal stationery. Nevertheless, the flat correspondence card in a heavier paper stock is an increasingly popular choice for both men and women. The half-sheet or monarch-size letter is commonly used in business situations, but is an ideal companion to a note or correspondence card when additional space is required.

Writing personal notes is contagious. The experienced stationer at a Guild member store can help you sort through the number of paper styles and printing options to craft your own personalized stationery.

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