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There are three basic styles of social stationery: the folded-note, the correspondence card and the sheet or letter. While the size and paper weight of each style varies slightly depending on the manufacturer, the basic style design is similar across most vendor lines.

Aside from your name or monogram, your stationery can be embellished with envelope linings, lined borders and motifs to create a truly custom design. Fold-over notes continue to be used primarily by women; however, correspondence cards are becoming increasingly popular for both sexes. Clients who frequently write social correspondence will often purchase matched sets of correspondence cards and half-sheets since both will fit in the same envelope. This provides them with the flexibility to write either a short or long note and still use the same envelope.

Monarch stationery is primarily used in business. Distinct from letterhead, monarch sheets are often used by executives to write hand-written notes to business colleagues or clients. Rather than have all of the contact information that you would generally find on letterhead, monarch sheets generally include only the printed name or logo of the company and the name and title of the sender.

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