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There is probably nothing quite as stunning as an engraved monogram on fine paper. The intricate lettering coupled with bold colors warrants more than a second look. Although some people consider them to be somewhat old-fashioned, many Guild member clients – both young and old – are drawn to the inherent beauty of these proprietary monogram designs. Furthermore, many of our printers now offer a more contemporary line of trendy monograms to complement the many intricate script and bold letter designs. Blind embossing (equivalent to engraving without ink) is an effective and understated way to print your monogram.

While monograms generally look best on fold-over notes, they occur frequently on correspondence cards. One place where the monogram of the bridal couple should not be seen is on a wedding invitation. Until wedding vows have been exchanged, the couple’s monogram should not be used on any correspondence, including bridal stationery. Although we see monograms with increasingly regularity on wedding invitations, it is not proper etiquette and while it may not offend the bridal couple or their parents, it is sure to raise eyebrows by some of your guests.

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