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Letterpress is currently undergoing a great revival, particularly on the West Coast. This process is the inverse of engraving as inks are pressed into soft papers to create beautiful images. As the fabrication of the plates is less capital-intensive and messy than metal engraving dies, this printing process has gained much favor among artisans and graphic designers. Nevertheless, the printing process requires considerable skill and experience and, as such, letterpress printing is generally no less expensive than engraving.

Photopolymer plates are created from high resolution photographic images. A roller containing the ink is passed over the raised surface of the typeface on the plate. Paper, fed one sheet at a time, is pressed onto the surface of the plate to capture the ink. As the ink is recessed into the paper, ink colors tend to acquire a more subtle tone but still retain their crispness.

Letterpress is an ideal printing process for wedding invitations, baby announcements and Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitations. We often see graphic designers and home decorators and others in artistic fields use this form of printing for business cards and announcements.

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