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For over 30 years, Lallie has been redefining the term “cutting edge” in invitations, stationery, holiday greeting cards and announcements. Many credit Lallie with revolutionizing the stationery industry with bold colored papers, trendy script fonts and the clever use of motifs and ribbons to create an endless variety of custom invitations.

If you are looking for birth announcements, Lallie’s irrepressible humor yet impeccable taste make it a favorite for parents who are looking for baby announcements out of the ordinary. Lallie’s birth announcements are a source of joy and many prospective parents have broken out in laughter at the cleverness of her designs. While Lallie announcements may not be what the grandparents had in mind, you will be amused by her clever designs.

Lallie’s wedding invitations and Bar & Bat Mitzvah designs are truly unique. With a touch of humor to cut through the formality of the occasion look no further than Lallie. Lallie’s incredible designs, colors, ribbon combinations and layered papers are true works of art. Her designs are very popular for destination weddings and Lallie’s invitations can be customized in an almost infinite variety of ways to make your wedding invitation unique. Guild member clients find Lallie’s “Save the Date” announcements to be particularly clever and inviting and seem to capture the feel and importance of the occasion.

There is a great following for Lallie’s personalized holiday greeting cards and photo cards. Given their popularity it is always wise to order early, since they normally close down production in mid-November. If you are looking for personalized stationery with a very “hip” look and unforgettable design, Lallie has a great selection of designs that can be personalized for you.

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