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Most printing companies offer a variety of font styles and monograms. In many cases, the font style is proprietary to the printing company and not available to the general public. These font styles are similar to many publicly available fonts and, as such, it is usually not too difficult to find a font that suits your needs. Monograms tend to be more intricate and sample letter styles may not available. Before submitting your order for monogrammed stationery, please request a proof to determine if the monogram is appropriate for your initials.

Font styles are a manner of personal preference. While serif fonts tend to be slightly easier to read, sans-serif fonts have a crisp and efficient look. Script is often used in formal invitations, particularly for weddings, and properly used can create a beautiful impression. While one can talk for hours on font styles and layouts, Guild members offer these two pieces of advice: Firstly, we encourage our clients to use no more than two font styles on an invitation or business stationery. Secondly, always request a proof before submitting your order for processing. This is absolutely essential for monograms. Mixing too many font styles creates confusion and detracts from the overall beauty of fine stationery. Also, letter spacing and design layouts for many proprietary fonts often create unexpected surprises: some tweaking may be required to insure balance in your design.

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