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Most printers have their own standard ink colors that are used to personalize your stationery. While other colors can be used, an extra charge will generally apply for the printer to match the pantone of the color sample. As each color is applied separately for engraving, letterpress and thermography, adding more than one color requires a separate print run and increases the cost of your overall order. While the use of more than one print color can create stunning contrasts, particularly for monograms, you can often achieve a similar effect by using bordered papers or layered papers to create rich color contrasts. Also, adding linings to your envelope can also provide attractive color combinations.

Selecting the “right” print color for your stationery is no less complicated than choosing your paper. The color of the paper and the printing process you choose will often create a different “look” with the identical ink color. Engraved inks are opaque or darker than thermography inks, which tend to be shinier and less “true” to the original color. It is impossible to detect these subtle differences on the internet or your computer monitor and we strongly recommend that you consult a color wheel at a Guild member store to see the effect of using the same ink color under a different printing process on ecru and white paper. The differences will surprise you!

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