A successful wedding begins with an invitation!
While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, a well-designed custom wedding invitations stamps your personality on the events of that special day. Guild members have years of experience in helping bridal couples craft their wedding invitation and related wedding papers. Member dealers represent the leading quality paper manufacturers as well as many smaller firms whose cutting-edge designs and beautiful craftsmanship are trend-setters for the industry. If you seek expert advice and service quality, schedule your appointment now with a Guild member in your neighborhood. Etiquette and religious ceremonies have their roots in centuries-old traditions and one pays homage to their ancestors by respecting these traditions. For links to additional planning resources, please consult our list of hand-picked wedding resources.

While couples tend to focus primarily on the wedding invitation, the wedding paper trail is far more complex and requires careful planning and timely execution to avoid last-minute complications. Aside from the wedding invitation, parents and friends of the bridal couple often host engagement parties, showers, bridesmaids’ parties, rehearsal dinners, morning-after brunches and other wedding events. Save-the-date announcements have become almost a necessity to insure that your guests and family can begin making early travel and accommodation arrangements.

Wedding programs have also become an increasingly important component of wedding ceremonies and generally requires careful coordination with your Church or Synagogue. The reception has its own logistical components to consider: table cards, seating cards and menu cards. And finally, the bridal couple needs to select stationery to thank guests for their gifts and presence at the wedding. In short, the wedding paper trail is complex and requires careful planning and even better execution. The planning timeline provides some helpful suggestions on helping you navigate your paper trail.

A wedding is simply too important to be left to chance. Seek professional advice and hands-on service from people who are knowledgeable and care. Guild members do not sell wedding invitations or other wedding papers over the internet because there is no way to adequately replicate the feel, weight and artistry that goes into making custom wedding papers.