Fine Papers

Many of the leading stationery and custom invitation printing companies in the United States and a few from abroad are listed on the right. Some of these names may be known to you, others may have been referred by a friend or family member, or perhaps you stumbled across one of their ads in a bridal or fashion magazine. The Stationers Guild website is designed to help you learn more about these talented designers and fine printing companies.

To expedite your search we have curtailed the use of graphics and concentrated on providing you with a brief description of the company and, where possible, a link to their website. Simply click on a name of your choosing and the company’s information will load in this space. We believe it is best for these companies to tell their own story with a minimum of editorial comment. Some of these companies sell online, but most do not.

While the internet is a great place to begin your research for invitations and fine stationery, we suggest that you schedule an appointment with an experienced stationer in your neighborhood to see these fine papers in person. You can find a dealer in your neighborhood by using the Google map feature on the Guild website. If you are looking for dealers that carry a particular line, the Fine Paper Dealer’s website will often have a dealer locator.

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