There are few things more enjoyable for a stationer than to sit down with an expectant mother and the father to select their baby announcement. Our Guild Members have had many joyous opportunities to help the happy parents sort through the many fine designs and paper options available from leading paper manufacturers as well as many smaller firms whose cutting-edge designs and beautiful craftsmanship are trend-setters for the industry.

Schedule an appointment with a Guild member in your neighborhood two to three months before the baby is due to select your baby announcement. Birth announcements are a memento that will be treasured for generations. One of our Guild member’s family has used the same baby announcement for three generations and she notes that “I am overcome with emotion as I share our family album with my daughters and mother.” With important milestones worth preserving, invest the time and save the stress by choosing a birth announcement that will stand the test of time.

Baptism, Communion and the Bris ceremony (often referred to as “Name Giving or Baby Naming”) continue to be important events among our religious communities. Member stores have many tasteful invitations to invite your friends and family to properly initiate your new infant into your religious family. Ceremonies and rituals continue to be an important part of our life and we rejoice in sharing those special occasions with close family and friends. Make that day memorable with a personalized invitation from a Guild member store in your neighborhood.