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Date of Release: Feb 19, 2009

Title: The Economics of Wedding Invitations: Stationers Guild Offers Suggestions for Smart Shoppers

Synopsis: Understanding the economics of wedding invitations can help families save time and money in organizing their wedding event. As a rule of thumb, one should allocate between four and five percent of their overall budget for wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. With hundreds of wedding vendors competing for families’ hard-earned dollars, these suggestions will help families sort through the various customization options to insure that couples get the best value when selecting their wedding papers.


Date of Release: Dec 30, 2008

Title: Bold New Letterpress Wedding Invitation Designs for 2009

Synopsis: Often considered the bridesmaid and never the bride, a stunning assortment of bold new letterpress designs will challenge the supremacy of engraved invitations this wedding season. While custom letterpress wedding invitations have often been considered a West Coast phenomenon, the recent release of Crane & Co.’s letterpress wedding album is a clear indication of how popular letterpress printing has become. Most letterpress designers sell only through well-established brick and mortar stores. To locate a qualified stationer in your neighborhood visit the Stationers Guild website.


Date of Release: Dec 27, 2008

Title: Find local stores for custom wedding invitations

Synopsis: The most effective way to choose a wedding invitation is to work with an experienced stationer in your neighborhood and let them guide you through the many paper samples, design options and printing processes available to craft your special invitation. The Stationers Guild website helps you locate experienced stationers in your neighborhood and the many fine paper companies they represent.


Date of Release: Nov 24, 2008

Title: Finding Qualified Local Resources for Wedding Invitations

Synopsis: Suggestions on how to find a qualified stationer in your neighborhood to help you design your custom wedding invitation. If you are a consumer who values choice, prefers to see the world through your own eyes and favors a personalized solution to the online template alternative, then you recognize the value of shopping locally.


Date of Release: Oct 31, 2008

Title: New StationersGuild Website Helps Buyers Find Qualified Stores for Custom Invitations, Announcements and Fine Stationery

Synopsis: The StationersGuild website helps online buyers find qualified stores in their neighborhood who sell custom invitations and announcements and personalized social and business stationery. The website provides relevant and timely information on cutting-edge fine paper companies, trends in custom invitations and announcements, paper designs, printing processes and the leading stores in your neighborhood who sell these fine papers. Why settle for low resolution online images when you can feel the paper and receive expert advice from qualified local stationers?


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