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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Today thru April 2nd, Crane & Co. is giving you great savings on most customized stationery sales and custom invitations. Buy 75 or more units from Crane and receive 25 totally free.

Crane Stationery and Invitation Promotion

Maybe you are on the lookout for new stationery or have just gotten engaged and will want to send a save the date announcement or wedding invitations. Now is the right moment to order your stationery or invitations and take advantage of of this fantastic promotion. Crane’s promotion is easily available to you through listed Crane dealers in retail stores in your town or at Crane’s online storefront. Purchase in the area with the help of a seasoned stationer to see the extensive range of Crane’s personalization options and printing alternatives or check out Crane on the internet.

Crane & Co. has been producing exceptional stationery and custom wedding invitations for well over two hundred years. This Dalton, MA firm is well known for its exceptional engraving, hand-painted borders and great range of 100% cotton papers. Now through April 2nd you can buy Crane’s fashionable stationery and spend less money as well. You shouldn’t hold back and visit a Crane dealer in your community or go shopping online. You will be pleased you did so.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Online search is definitely a practical and speedy way to find information and facts. Nevertheless, the quantity of readily available information is so vast that it’s not easy to figure out what information and facts are beneficial. For example you’ll find in excess of 25 million search records of the search term “wedding invitations” on Google. Exactly how many of these Google search results are useful? Can you actually determine whether the content you’re getting is informative or merely a sales hype?

Found listed here are uncomplicated techniques which you may want prior to buying your wedding invitations online.

Online Wedding Invitations Tips to help save You Money and employ Your Efforts Prudently

  1. Tighten Your Search with Qualifiers: Instead of utilizing a simple key word phrase like “wedding invitations” attempt something that cuts down on the breadth of your search. As an example, “personalized wedding invitations,” or “destination wedding invitations” will substantially decrease the amount of Google search results and perhaps direct you toward better selections for locating the wedding invitation of your desires.
  2. Use an area Search Qualifier: There is actually a widespread opinion that searching online will lead to far better advice that may help you design your wedding invitation. This just isn’t the case: search results for a product as customized as wedding invitations are skewed at those online marketing organizations that did a superior job optimizing their site for search. The former Chief Executive Officer of Google refers to the internet as a “cesspool of information.” One way of avoiding this misleading information and facts are to introduce a local qualifier. As an example, if you live in the New York City area, enter in the search keyword phrase “New York wedding invitations” in the Internet search bar and you may find local stationery shops in your neighborhood focusing on fine stationery and customized invitations.
  3. Search for custom invitations which happen to be also offered through independently owned local stores: One technique for easily determining if you are dealing with a dependable firm on the web is whether they also promote through well-known bricks and mortar dealers. Printing firms that distribute their products through independent dealers are more likely to possess an established name in the industry and offer their potential customers the ability to shop in your neighborhood or on the web. This is a clear sign that you are not going through a johnny-come-lately printer.

Whether or not you plan to shop locally or order online, be sure that you look at your alternatives carefully. If you are looking for a totally special wedding invitation, it’s smart to buy with an experienced stationer in your area.

Sheila May is a founding member of the Stationer Guild and writes frequently about wedding invitations and the perils of online shopping.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Over the last several years there has been a deluge of designers and printers introducing new styles of letterpress invitations.   Often considered a west coast phenomenon, letterpress printing has gradually displaced engraving as the choice of bridal couples for wedding invitations.

While some of the new letterpress designs and print quality reflect the standards of some of early pioneers in the letterpress revival, most letterpress designs fall flat.   As with any product, oversupply tends to lead to deterioration in quality and price competition at the lower end of the market.

Letterpress wedding invitations are not a commodity and there are huge differences in the quality of the end-product provided to the consumer.  This is not readily apparent when you see the many exaggerated claims of online printing companies hawking their latest letterpress wedding invitation designs.  In virtually all cases, these hyped claims fail miserably when compared to the mastery of letterpress printers who have plying their craft for a number of years.

For instance, if you compare the print quality, papers and tasteful designs of printers such as Julie Holcomb, Press New York, Oblation, Elum and Page Stationery (to name just a few) with most of the newcomer’s letterpress invitations, you will immediately see the difference.  Granted, these letterpress wedding invitations tend to be more expensive, but only the buyer can determine whether the print outcome is worth the difference in price.

The best way to experience the beauty of letterpress printing is to visit an experienced stationery store in your neighborhood to compare designs and feel the papers.    Frankly, color resolutions on the internet fail to capture the rich subtleties of letterpress printing.

Richard May
Thérèse Saint Clair

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Scheduling a wedding ceremony demands vital organizational tools. Without careful and deliberate planning, this blissful event can turn into a nightmare of unnecessary aggravation and disarray. Countless couples have found that a well-prepared save the date card can significantly make easier wedding planning and help you to enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Found directly below are several straightforward guidelines and suggestions on ways to use save the date announcements productively:

Make your wedding planning goals simple

The main goal of organizing a successful wedding event is getting your family and guests from one location to another with as little trouble as feasible so you can savor your wedding day. Lots of people think of this to be a mindless planning idea, but if you think about it and – more significantly – heed the advice, you will relieve much unnecessary aggravation for both yourself and your friends and family. Specifically, appropriate and helpful information provided to your guests prior to the wedding will reduce needless follow-up by a minimum of 80%. A well-timed save the date announcement is a great way to start implementing this strategy.

Precisely what is the purpose of a Save the Date Announcement?

Many people believe that a Save the Date announcement is just an expedient way to let friends and family know the big date of your wedding. While this is surely useful, a well-planned save the date announcement can contain additional information to aid your family and friends into making their travel plans. As you have already scheduled the wedding ceremony and confined where the wedding reception will take place, you can make full use of the save the date announcement to furnish even more travel details for your invited guests. For instance, lodging information, close by airports and other helpful travel advice will surely motivate many of your guests to schedule their travel arrangements as fast as possible.

What additional info is generally included with a Save the Date Announcement?

In a nutshell, you ought to include as much information as possible to encourage your guests to take action today. Most certainly, scheduling your airline reservations as early as possible may help to save money and assuming you have made arrangements with inns in the area to grant discounted room rates, this too serve as more encouragement to take action. Including a bit more advice on possible sight-seeing jaunts, activities and local sights can likewise be incredibly helpful to whet people’s appetite for an entertaining weekend.

When should the Save the Date Announcements be sent out?

While save the date cards aren’t a necessity for every occasion, lots of bridal couples see them as helpful particularly if family and friends are traveling from far off places. All in all, save the date cards need to be sent by mail anywhere from 6 months to 12 months in advance of the date for your wedding.

The primary job of the save the date card is to encourage guests to act now. Although it is simply not a replacement for the formal wedding invitation, your save the date card might include much helpful help and advice fashioned to persuade your guests to take action well before they receive a wedding invitation. Moving your friends and family from Point A to Point B effectively is most probably done with a well-thought out save the date card.

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

First indicators suggest that the 2012 wedding season shapes up as among the strongest in history. Although the overall economy remains weak, bridal couples who’ve deferred their wedding seem to be saying that the coming year is when they finally agree to get wed.

That said, wedding firms are starting to launch new styles and designs awaiting the wave of new weddings that will start in early January. Major printer and designer William Arthur is starting 2012 with a bang with two renewed wedding albums and also the imminent launch of Vera Wang’s new wedding invitation designs. Color, bold new styles and shower invitations that contain both classic and modern-day designs are prominently featured in William Arthur’s wedding line.

Above all, William Arthur offers countless invitations that may be printed in letterpress, engraving or thermographic inks. These printing options provide the client a choice of deciding on a printing style that reflects their requirements and price range.

William Arthur provides many creative designs at good prices and definitely should be on every bridal couple’s short list of “must see” wedding invitations. Also, there is a great collection of save the date cards and personal stationery.

See a William Arthur dealer in your neighborhood to view their line at a store or visit them online.

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Vera Wang is an icon in the haute couture industry. Her modern-day variations and her distinctive sense of style have long set the standard for wedding gowns and women’s vogue. Quite a few years back, Vera turned her focus to wedding invitations and fine stationery. Partnering with William Arthur, Vera launched her brand of stationery which features elements from the fashion business, her very own exclusive oyster-colored cardstock and even a specially created envelope.

A few months ago, Vera entirely overhauled On Weddings, her trademark wedding invitation album. Her fresh samples features 35 unique wedding stationery ensembles, offering a lot more colors and an amazing variety elaborate styles and Vera’s take on classic designs. Vera Wang On Weddings reflects the timeless yet current and sophisticated beauty that’s made Vera Wang a fashion icon.

Found listed below are several of the exciting unique characteristics you’ll find in Vera’s new On Weddings release:

  • Painted Edge – New to Vera Wang On Weddings, Vera Wang shall be delivering heavy-weight card stock with custom-painted edges, in lots of ink colors. A real statement of extravagance, this painted edge design and style is engraved in Lapis and Gold. The monogrammed wreath provides a nod to tradition, while showing a fancy feeling.
  • Garden Lace Folder – This breathtaking pattern is motivated by both Vera Wang’s Ready-to-Wear and wedding collections. A fancy garden of flowers and a mesh of laser-cut wide lace cut off to disclose a delightful collection of background colors. From Raspberry, Peony and Saffron to Grass, Lapis and Indigo, this imaginative and tactile invitation speaks to the enhanced detailing within Vera Wang’s collections.
  • Letterpressed Heart – Daring and fashionable, the wording with this charming invitation is nestled inside the clutches of an over-sized heart. The frolicsome cross-hatching on this invitation enhances the tactile character of letterpress printing, while the peony ink gives an overt femininity.
  • Gold Border -This magnificent design includes a broad band of gold foil on both the card edge and also the envelope flap. The font is at once stunning and subtle. Shown engraved, this stylish invitation will most definitely astound.
  • Black Paper – Last fall, Vera Wang enraptured the fashion world with her Spring 2012 variety of black bridal dresses. Here, precisely the same theatre and ambiance is replicated on paper. Gorgeously embossed in an exclusive calligraphic font, this invitation marries heart and sophistication.

We highly encourage visiting a stationery retail store in your neighborhood to view Vera Wang’s On Weddings personally. If it isn’t really convenient, see Vera online and I feel you will know that this new release is rather unique.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Engaged couples browsing for wedding invitations have a tendency to assume that paper grade is the most serious price consideration when picking an online wedding invitation. While the level of quality of the paper is very important, other criteria such as the printing process, number of ink colors and added elaborations often play a lot more important factor in determining the ultimate cost of your personalized wedding invitations.

Nearly all top notch printers make use of cotton fiber, high-grade wood fibers which has been accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council or a blend of both the cotton and wood-based fibers. While these papers are usually of a significantly greater quality than re-cycled papers that a great many tout as “tree-free, these quality papers typically cost a tad bit more but are certainly worth the nominal premium. What’s more, these papers are typically a great deal more “environmentally-friendly” and superior than nearly all papers offered over the internet that claim to be “green” or “tree-free.”

Variables that commonly tend to add to the price tag of printed wedding invitations are the weight of paper, darkly-colored papers and the quantity of ink colors used in printing the invitations.

Paper weight: Many wedding papers offered on line are printed by industrial printers. Normally, paper with a weight previously mentioned 120 pounds cannot be processed through a commercial printer or ink-jet printer. Therefore, a weighty wedding invitation can just be printed using engraving, letterpress or, in some circumstances, with thermographic inks. This traditional printing method is likely to boost overall prices, but will generate a substantially more striking invitation.

Paper Color: Quite a number of wedding invitations are imprinted on white or ecru colored papers in order that ink colors can resonate. However, there is a trend in the direction of bold-colored papers. In these cases, strictly using a more pricey printing process like engraving is apt to work to have the proper contrast between ink colors and darkly-colored papers.

Ink Colors: Even though flat-printing, lithography and digital printing is most effective with papers less than 120 pounds in weight, more old school printing ways are needed for weightier papers. In such cases, each color needs to be applied in a separate press run, thus increasing prices.

When you are hunting locally for wedding invitations, it is often recommended to confer with a seasoned stationer who will let you choose the best wedding invitation styles and papers for your financial budget.

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

When designing a wedding event your wedding invitation should take the lead. Yet, there are several other wedding activities that commonly require a special invitation. As an example, save the date announcements, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and bridesmaid teas almost always demand a unique invitation. If you are in need of inspiration or just confused as to where to begin, the solution to your wishes just arrived at top stationery boutiques all over the United States.

Crane & Co. has just introduced its latest Social Occasions Album, a personalization album containing a number of samples of Crane’s elegant wedding stationery designs exhibiting Crane’s unsurpassed craftsmanship. This particular collection marks a wanted change in track at Crane simply because it returns to its successful traditions of producing fine personalized stationery and custom invitations.

The fresh new Social Occasions Album gives you samples of wedding invitations, save the date invitations, Bat Mitzvah invitations, anniversary and corporate event invitations along with a huge collection of reply cards, menu cards and personalized correspondence. Many of the invitation samples are embossed, but Crane’s accomplished creative designers and craftspeople are also proficient with letterpress and other kinds of printing.

For individuals planning a wedding ceremony, Crane’s Social Occasions Album is definitely worth a look. Although certain invitation samples probably are not appropriate for your wedding ceremony; the terminology and wording or your invitation, typeface choices and ink colors can all be customized to mirror the theme for the wedding ceremony.

Along with a little creative thinking, nearly all invitation samples for wedding anniversaries or sweet sixteen events can often work as a template design for a wedding reception, groomsment party or almost every other wedding event. Working with an informed stationer in your neighborhood who possesses Crane’s new Social Occasions Album will help you create your own completely unique custom design.

Reaching deep into its roots in the time the American Revolution, Crane has created a dazzling array of invitations, reply card sets and personal correspondence that is breathtaking in its design and imagination. Visit your local stationery store now or visit Crane & Co. at their online website.

Sheila May is the owner of Therese Saint Clair and writes frequently about regional wedding invitation trends and the importance of save the date cards.

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Today to April 2nd, Crane & Co. is giving you extraordinary markdowns on virtually all customized stationery orders and custom invitations. Buy 75 or more pieces from Crane and receive 25 totally free.

Crane Stationery Promomotion

Whether you are shopping for new engraved stationery or have just gotten engaged and should send a save the date invitation or wedding invitations. Today is the time to purchase your stationery or invitations and take advantage of of this exceptional promotion. Crane’s offer is readily available to you through listed Crane retailers in retail stores near you or at Crane’s online store. Buy in your community with the help of an experienced stationer to view the wide selection of Crane’s personalization alternatives and printing options or take a look at Crane on the web.

Crane & Co. has been making high quality stationery and custom party invitations for more than two centuries. This Dalton, MA firm is known for its extraordinary engraving, hand-painted borders and large assortment of 100% cotton papers. At present through April 2nd you can purchase Crane’s elegant stationery and save money while doing so. You shouldn’t wait and check out a Crane retailer in your town or go shopping online. You will be glad you did so.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

William Arthur has just issued a press release introducing their Truly wedding stationery collection.  At a price point that is 20% less than that William Arthur’s fashionable wedding line, the Truly Collection is bound to appeal to bridal couples seeking lovely wedding stationery and wedding invitations at an affordable price.

William Arthur, renowned maker of fine stationery, is pleased to announce the launch of Truly by William Arthur, an exciting new collection of wedding stationery designed for the budget conscious bride with a sense of style. “Truly is designed to have a broad appeal, so that any bride can find something she likes,” says Karen Herzig, designer for the new William Arthur album. “The aesthetic ranges from classic to modern and colorful.”

Truly by William Arthur features digital and thermography printing with a broad selection of color choices for inks, ribbons and envelope linings. Bordered invitations are also available, featuring the crisp, beautiful embossing that William Arthur is known for. Playful, unique type formats and design motifs add to the classic modernism of the collection.

Prices for invitations in the Truly by William Arthur Collection average 20% lower than William Arthur’s premium weddings albums, making these wedding stationery suites accessible to a large group of bridal consumers. To view the new Truly Collection, visit William Arthur’s website at

For over 60 years, William Arthur has been renowned for creating fine stationery. The company’s products are designed and produced in West Kennebunk, Maine, where they enjoy the beauty of coastal living with easy access to urban centers from Portland to New York. Deeply  knowledgeable about high-end printing and the many nuances of fine writing papers, William Arthur’s staff artists and craftspeople are passionate about quality, as well as both old-world and state-of-the-art printing methods. At William Arthur, employees are dedicated to making the company a wonderful place to work, and to ensuring that each and every customer is delighted by the end product.

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