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Save the date invitations are proving to be quite useful in helping to organize weddings. Traditionally, a save the date announcement was often used to give your guests a “heads-up” if the wedding date was reserved near significant holidays, destination weddings or just after Labor Day when many were returning from vacation.

Today, the save the date invite is now significantly more essential in setting the stage for wedding events. People’s work schedules are a lot more complicated and your wedding guests value and, often, expect advance notice to make time for important events. Save the date invitations sent six months before the wedding are quite usual and several stationers are convinced that announcements are regularly sent a year ahead of the wedding event.

With a little advance preparation, a well-orchestrated save the date announcement is usually a solid organizing tool. Specifically, accommodation and relevant travel information is generally combined with your save the date invitation. This valuable advice is likely to energize your wedding guests who prefer to schedule hotel accommodations and make advance airplane bookings to reduce fares. Having the right information at their disposal will be appreciated.

There is a frequent belief the save the date announcement has to be matched with the wedding invitation. This just isn’t the case. The majority of competent stationers advise using an announcement that sets the mood for the wedding event. For example, a beach scene for the island destination wedding, colorful leaves for a New England Fall wedding or possibly a rodeo for any southwestern-style wedding.

The announcement needn’t be expensive, a sweet postcard will work, but it is a good chance to help include essential logistical information your guests will find helpful. Planning ahead and designing a save the date wedding invitation that sets the tone for your wedding can provide a sense of excitement well before your guests receive their wedding invitation.

Sheila P. May
Therese Saint Clair

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