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I just learned that Atomic Greetings (strange name!) now allows users to customize a greeting card with a digital recording or video recording that is opened through a digital code that is embedded in a standard “100% paper” greeting card.    Clearly, the techies have outdone themselves with this silly greeting card concept which, in my estimation, is the equivalent of sending an email text message by boat.  This is too funny for words.  Please see the instructional video below if you receive an Atomic Greetings card:

I quote from the introduction of Atomic Greetings new “cutting edge in greeting card technology – augmented reality. Augmented Reality or as we prefer to call it, Enhanced Vision Xperience (EVX), is one of the technologies that allows you to send an audio/video message with our cards. Our patent-pending greeting cards are the world’s first 100% paper greeting card that allows you to record and send not only an audio message but video as well! Just think how easier it is when you say “I Love You!” or sing it, or do a little dance… and just think about how great it would be to receive a card and see your friend or loved one speaking or singing to you! Not only does an Atomic Greetings card do so much more than old cards – they do it for the for the same price as the musical cards you see in stores AND they work on both Macs and Windows without any software downloads to your computer’s hard-drive required! Atomic Greetings truly allow you to show someone that you really care.”

I didn’t realize I needed “augmented reality,” but I suppose that the people who watch 3-D TV might find greeting cards from Atomic Greetings an interesting addition to their augmented digital experience.  I just hope the cards don’t blow up in your face.

Richard W. May
Thérèse Saint Clair

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