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Found below is an affiliate ad for Crane & Co. 

This is an affiliate ad for William Arthur.

Each of these ads can help grow your store business and send a powerful message to the consumer that “quality is not dead in the stationery industry.”

Supporting the affiliate programs of your vendors should – and most probably will – bring  the following benefits to your business:

  • Properly used, affiliate marketing will drive traffic to your store;
  • Affiliate marketing is a far more effective marketing tool than the Yellow Pages and most paper media advertising;
  • Affiliate marketing allows you to build an online presence without the expense and fuss of doing it yourself;
  • Affiliate marketing gives you an opportunity to talk about and promote fine stationery and custom invitations;
  • Affiliate marketing gives you credibility with your customers to “see” that your store has online product capabilities;
  • You earn affiliate commissions when customers buy online through your affiliate ad referral;
  • You support your vendor by promoting their brand online;
  • Most importantly, you support the stationery industry by promoting quality brands.

If you are not yet engaged in affiliate marketing to support the brands of your in-store vendors, you should do so now.    Need help?  The Stationers Guild’s technical website Rite4U will give you plenty of instruction on how to do it yourself.    

For those who are more interested in selling “real” stationery than marketing affiliate programs, we will show you where you can get access to affordable talent to replicate the Stationers Guild affiliate programs.   The NYC Wedding Invitation website is an affiliate marketing website focused on driving foot-traffic to our store, Therese Saint Clair.    It promotes the same brands we carry in our store, but subtly encourages visitors to shop locally.  Shouldn’t you have a similar website for your local market?  

Learn how at

Richard W. May
Founding Member of the Stationers Guild

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