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Sheila and I are certainly looking forward to the National Stationery Show (“NSS”) this year and so should you.    Some of the heavy-hitters of previous years have decided to give the NSS a pass as they pursue business strategies that only time-and-motion enthusiasts find exciting.  Only time will tell if the “best and the brightest” can successfully navigate through their self-made maze of mediocrity and discover that there is a “real” world not shaped by Excel spreadsheets and endless  mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations.

While the masters-of-the-universe are still trying to establish a “new world order” of the stationery industry, many talented designers are busily revamping their operations to provide their clients with fresh new designs and printing options that dazzle.    For instance, Real Card Studio and Studio R are now adding engraving and digital printing options to their already stunning letterpress inspirations.    What a welcome relief!     We will certainly be queuing up to see these new albums at NSS.

Also, under the able leadership of Paul Wainman, Kleinfeld will be introducing their latest wedding invitation designs.   We were fortunate enough to get a sneak preview on some of  Kleinfeld’s wedding invitation samples and were certainly impressed.  Furthermore,  turnaround estimates are certainly far more reasonable than current industry standards.

Both Sheila and I are looking forward to seeing the new designs in invitations and stationery and hope that we will see  many fellow stationers at the show.  Looking forward to seeing you at the National Stationery Show.

Sheila and Richard May
Members Stationers Guild

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