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 With the lavish introduction of the new Vera Wang On Weddings at the 2009 National Stationery Show, I was curious to learn how Vera’s inspired fabric creations were so faithfully recreated on paper. I was fortunate to have an extended discussion with talented designer Meghan Carey, Lead Vera Wang Designer for William Arthur, and Lisa Blinn, William Arthur’s Vice President of Design. The fruits of that enlightening discussion are summarized below.

Meghan Carey with Vera Wang Necklace

I think it is fair to say that Vera’s new wedding invitation designs have matured since they were first introduced at the 2005 National Stationery Show. The original designs were unmistakably Vera’s: the stylish oyster-colored paper, the geometric rigor applied to paper sizes and envelopes and Vera’s ever-present wedding motifs that permeated the invitation and envelope lining samples. The new designs reflect an unwavering confidence in translating Vera’s inspirational patterns to paper. As Lisa remarks, “we understand Vera’s aesthetic and tactile sensibility.”

It is hard to believe that the new wedding invitations album went from design to approval by Vera in just over 3 months. Most paper designers take between 12 to 18 months to produce a new line. Meghan and Lisa immersed themselves in Vera’s world by attending Runway Shows and design and fabric conferences to distill the elements that make Vera’s designs so unmistakably Vera. The secret was to translate these tactile designs to paper using the cutting-edge printing capabilities of William Arthur.

New Vera Wang Wedding Invitation

One new design element that features prominently in this new album is the kalogram: a term that refers to a monogram using a person’s full name. Note: This is a great word for Scrabble enthusiasts when you have an “a” rather than an “i”.  Their beauty is unmistakable and adds a level of sophistication not often encountered in fine invitations. New type styles and exaggerated motifs add a level of stylish playfulness that was not generally available in Vera’s initial wedding album.

Grosgrain is a textured pattern ribbon often found in Vera’s clothing designs. This grosgrain pattern is faithfully reproduced on the invitation sample above through engraving. I actually had to run my finger across the ridges of the engraved design to convince myself it wasn’t ribbon. There are many more surprises as you leaf through Vera’s new album, but I encourage you to visit a Guild Member store in your neighborhood that carries Vera to “touch” these great designs for yourself.

I could go on and describe how the ruched tulle or damask patterns in Vera’s ready-to-wear line have been incorporated into these new invitations, but it is best to see her new album in person. While William Arthur will sell Vera’s invitations online, there is no substitute for visiting an experienced stationer who can assist you with customization options that are not easily available online. Contact a Guild Member store in your neighborhood to see the new Vera Wang On Weddings invitation album.

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