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I had the opportunity to preview the new Vera Wang wedding invitation collection at the National Stationery Show.   Vera’s new wedding invitation line will be available in mid-June.  These remarkable new designs represent a substantial evolution from Vera’s original wedding invitation designs that were first introduced in 2005 by William Arthur.

Vera Wang On Weddings Display at NSS

While the original designs were grouped around four major themes inspired by Vera Wang’s bridal personalities, the new release is more eclectic reflecting the sentiment that today’s brides simply don’t want to be characterized.  Vera Wang’s consummate good taste is manifest in all of the sample designs, but many more customization options are now available to create a totally unique wedding invitation.  The sample invitations displayed in the new Vera Wang On Weddings invitation album are bold, colorful and contemporary. 

William Arthur’s design team goes to unprecedented lengths to incorporate the “feel” and texture of Vera Wang’s fabrics and the sophisticated designs which distinguish her line.  In addition to the innovative use of texture which runs through the suite of Vera’s invitation designs, there is also the inspired use of calligraphy and floral motifs which seems to extend the invitation into space using full-bleed printing.  “These opulent invitations are simply delicious to touch,” commented one very impressed stationer.

I had a fascinating discussion with Meghan Carey and Lisa Blinn of William Arthur regarding the design process.  It is evident that they have immersed themselves into Vera’s world of “tactile sensibility” and these new wedding invitation designs clearly represent a seamless transition from fabric to paper without dropping a stitch.  Vera Wang On Weddings is simply the haute couture of paper design.    Congratulations to William Arthur and Vera Wang for this stunning display of paper artistry. 

Meghan with Vera Bridesmaid Dress

While I will have more to say about the design process in a later Blog, this new wedding album “connects” on many different levels.    Vera’s collection of invitation designs work for most everybody.   The simple and elegant classic lines are still there, but hundreds of other design motifs, colors and type styles are available to create a truly contemporary wedding invitation.  In fact, mixing and matching the “old” with the “new” is a great way to stamp your personality on the invitation while remaining true to traditional invitation designs. 

What surprised me most is that Vera’s wedding invitations are reasonably priced.  For instance, 100 thermographed invitations with envelope and a reply card set can be purchased for under $600.  Needless to say, two-color printing, engraving and letterpress will cost more, but no one should be deterred from taking a look at these bold new designs from Vera Wang and William Arthur. 

The new Vera Wang On Weddings album will be released to dealers on June 12 and will also be available online at William Arthur.    For those that are tactilely inclined, we strongly recommend that you contact a Guild Member store in your neighborhood to see Vera’s new line of wedding invitations.   Working with an experienced stationer in your neighborhood is the best way to design your custom Vera Wang wedding invitation and feel the subtle textures of her new designs. 

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