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First of all, a disclaimer:  I love Saturn Press.  It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I love the retro designs, the haiku’s and the simplicity of fine letterpress printing  on “lush card stock of recycled wood pulp that has a texture similar to the papers of 100 years ago.”

While these are certainly characteristics worth promoting, most of all I respect the passion and  integrity of designer Jane Goodrich and  printer James van Pernis who make these beautiful cards on Swan’s Island in Maine near Bar Harbor.

Before you ask – and I get asked frequently – Saturn Press does not have a website and no email.  The best way to contact them is to mail them a letter to the following address:

Saturn Press Post Office Box 368

Swan’s Island, Maine 04685

Jane explained that they support “snail mail” and the best way to get their undivided attention is to take the time to write them a personal note.   If you have a catalog and order form, you may fax it to 207-526-4001.  I don’t recommend a phone call, but if you insist the phone number is 207-526-4000.

Saturn Press will be closed from mid-February to early April.   The weather in Maine is not particularly hospitable at that time of year and many water pipes freeze so the water is cut off.  In any event, their new 2013 catalog will begin shipping in April so request your copy now.  A personal handwritten note is the most effective form of communication.

Here are several reasons (in no particular order) why Saturn Press should be on everyone’s wish list this year:

  • Saturn Press walks-the-walk in terms of environmental integrity.  All of their papers are sourced from the George A. Whiting Paper Company in Menasha, Wisconsin.  Saturn Press writes, “We know that Whiting paper may cost us a bit more than that made by larger corporations, but we also know the mill is sustainable.  We know the water that exits the mill is cleaner than the water that came in.  The family sails on Lake Winnebago, just around the corner!  We know the faces of the people who make our paper, and that a company of 53 employees results in a real team effort for quality.    Note:  George Whiting has been making papers since 1882 and the printing mill is now run by his great-great grandson.
  • Their designs and print quality are comforting and reassuring without the trite expressions that characterize most greeting cards and holiday card lines.  Less is more and this is certainly the case with Saturn Press.
  • The papers, designs and printing are 100% “Made in the USA”.  Gosh, that’s novel.
  • Jane and James have been making their cards the same way since 1986.  No compromise on artistic or printing integrity that characterizes much of what has taken place in the industry.  How refreshing.

To quote Rainer Maria Rilke from one of Saturn Press’ best designs (“Juncos #0565):  ”And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”

Richard May
Founding Member of the Stationers Guild

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