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Just a quick update on some positive stationery trends that I have been hearing at the International Gift Show in NYC.  As many of you now know, many stationery, paper and greeting card designers now show at regional, national and international gift shows rather than the National Stationery Show in May at the Javits Center.

Found below are a few sound bites (paraphrased quotes but no third-party verification) that I have picked up:

  • Several Vendors:   “Atlanta was pretty good – flat to slightly up from last year – with less buyers but more volume.”
  • A stationery store owner:  “I find Atlanta intimidating – far too much stuff and difficult to navigate around.  I much prefer NYC.”
  • A greeting card vendor:  “Our business in paper greeting cards is exploding.  We have no idea why, but I suspect that people are realizing there is little ‘real’ intimacy on the Internet.  I guess relationships are personal.”  Editor’s Note:  I too saw a wide array of very tasteful and nicely printed (mostly letterpress) greeting cards.
  • Several vendors:  “Unexpected surge in demand noted by independent paper brokers and printing companies for 100% cotton and high quality letterhead and standard business paper stock now that Crane & Co. has dropped many lines.  We’ve got to scramble to get this right.”
  • Personal observations:  “A surprising number of fill-in invitations surfaced at the shows.  I believe that printed invitations for casual affairs (birthdays, etc.) has been greatly impacted by the Internet, but now people feel the need to add a personal touch.  It may not be much, but it is certainly reassuring.”
  • Personal observations:  “There are quite a few vendors living the ‘green life’ like Oblation and Saturn Press rather than those that simply talk about it.  I am hopeful that this talk of sustainability and the environment will shed its commercial marketing deception and truly  embrace and celebrate the integrity of the the movement.”  Editors Note:  Personally, I think that “greenwash” will continue as companies deceive consumers with bogus environmental claims.  As Mark Twain said, “It’s much easier to fool someone than it is to explain to them that they have been fooled.”

More later.

Richard W. May

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