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I recently came across an online news release promoting “Cheap Office Stationery” by a UK company called Discount Office Needs.    Now, I have no way of knowing – and even less interest in finding out – if this is a UK company or is simply a UK-resident company owned by foreign interests.   What I do know, is that Discount Office Needs can’t even seem to spell their primary business line – stationery – properly. 

In the short news release, stationery is spelled stationary no less than 11 times (spelled properly 3 times).  Furthermore, I discovered a new word “stationeries.”  Now, it is quite possible that “stationeries” is an accepted version for the plural of stationery in Her Majesty’s version of the English language, but it does seem somewhat out of context in an article where stationery is misspelled so many times.

The point of this article is not to promote literacy, but simply to ask the  question:  Would you purchase your business stationery from a company that can’t even spell their main product correctly?  I wouldn’t, but presumably people on both sides of the Atlantic do.

Richard W. May
Founding Member Stationers Guild

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