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Several years ago the wife of the US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia told me “you simply must carry Jan Petr Obr stationery in your store.”  I have always kept my antenna up for fine European papers and was pleasantly surprised to find Jan Petr Obr at the National Stationery Show a few months later.

My husband was blown away by the engraved images which graced richly textured hand-made cotton paper.  The cotton paper was supplied by Bohemia Papers, a small mill located just outside of Prague using the same paper-making technique that has been virtually unchanged for over 300 years.  In their printing shop, Jan Petr Obr creates stunning engraving dies for virtually every occasion.  The Royal Czech seal seems to float just above the surface of deckle-edge paper with a laid finish.  The sample business cards, fold-overs and and remarkable designs are simply a tribute to European craftsmanship.

Jan Petr Obr Engraved Stationery

Therese Saint Clair carried Jan Petr’s boxed stationery and holiday cards for several years and they have proved extremely popular with our clients.  We also carry their wedding invitation and stationery albums for those looking for quality papers and superior craftsmanship.  While some of the designs may strike one as old-fashioned, we believe that Jan Petr’s Art Deco style retains its fascination and beauty for every occasion.

Jan Petr Obr Fine Paper

If you are looking for fine paper with a distinctive European edge, I strongly recommend that you contact a Stationers Guild member store in your neighborhood that carries this exceptional line.

Sheila P. May
Therese Saint Clair

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