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When one conjures an image of the Winter Holidays in any large city, The Big Apple frequently springs to mind. It is difficult to imagine a far more photogenic town very often looks best having a mild coating of snowfall covering its buildings and beautiful parks.

Local companies, large and small, often employ a New York landmark being a backdrop for its annual greeting card. Frequent scenarios might include the New York City public library on 5th Avenue, the Empire State Building or many of the ponds in Central Park. The fact is, firms will often use greeting cards showcasing NYC scenes painted by American artists. One printer that features an extensive choice of NYC themed holiday cards is Birchcraft.

Drawing from common winter scenes from several well-known artisans, Birchcraft catches the essence of New York throughout the holidays. Those New York based companies searching for a holiday greeting card which captures the importance of the holiday season in the Big Apple might wish to look into Birchcraft’s selection of cost effective holiday greeting cards.

When customizing your company holiday greeting card, small businesses will often include the names of company principals rather than the name of the company. Customized greetings may be customized on many holiday cards, so companies are well-advised to invest some time choosing a standardized greeting or making a unique greeting.

For some reason, holiday cards with New York City winter scenes mirror the heart and soul of the season and are also a great vehicle to showcase your business in a constructive way, particularly if you have a NYC-based organization.

With the sluggish economy, many printers are offering a number of promotional offers. Many organizations will offer promotional savings of between 20% to 50% off business cards through September 30th. Other companies offer free shipping and other promotional discounts.

This season, if you are looking for a holiday greeting card with New York City winter scenes, Birchcraft is probably a useful option.

Sheila May is the owner of Therese Saint Clair and writes often about business holiday cards and holiday greeting cards.

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