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As a stationer, I am privileged to meet with many creative designers, fine printing companies and, most importantly, fellow stationers who share my passion for fine papers and beautiful designs.    For me, paper has never lost its relevancy and I still get goose-pimples when I visit the Morgan Library in NYC to see the stunning illustrated manuscripts from the Medieval age or royal crests engraved on handmade cotton paper.    While some will argue that digital media has made fine paper printing largely obsolete, I suspect that the tangible and unique quality of a paper wedding invitation is far more personally relevant than a template invitation from Facebook.   

Owner and Creative Director Sugandha Rosenhaft of Arabella Papers continues to raise the bar in the invitation industry for her dazzling colors and rich designs since her debut in 2007.   If you haven’t had a chance to see Arabella Papers, schedule your appointment now with a stationer in your neighborhood.

Who is Arabella Papers?

Atlanta based Arabella Papers made its debut in the American stationery industry in the winter of 2007.   Their custom holiday line quickly made its mark as a source for top-quality, sophisticated cards and invitations.  With elaborate patterning, vibrant imported papers and their trademark Bellpress™ print process, stationers nationwide begged the question, “When can you do wedding?” Six fine custom stationery albums later, Arabella Papers continues to push boundaries with exciting, new concepts for wedding and bar/bat mitzvah.

Arabella’s signature Bellpress™ printing, is a hand-printed process that uses soft, synthetic dies to layer inks for a raised affect, without bruising the paper. Unlike other raised print processes on the market, this trademarked printing method allows for greater design flexibility by allowing two-sided printing, ink layering, multiple colors, and has proven to be a favorite among fine stationers. Their signature “tessuto” (tone on tone) fabric-like patterning, burnished golds and metallic inks, elaborate folders and elegant but bold global designs are unlike any other product on the market.  The invitations themselves are all hand-cut and hand-assembled, the envelopes hand-converted and the papers hand-dyed. Each order is meticulously created to be the perfect introduction for the client’s event and the same detail and craftsmanship that goes into creating a custom couture gown is the approach that Arabella Papers takes for every invitation. Arabella’s turn-around time is only 2-4 weeks from proof approval, which is astonishing considering the precision and care that goes into every hand-made custom creation.

 In the Fall of 2010, Arabella launched into the mid-range stationery market with their first offering in the affordable luxury collection, Bella Weddings. “We had to get creative and change with the economy.” Owner and Creative Director Sugandha Rosenhaft explains, “There was an incredible demand from clients who loved the look of our sophisticated luxury invitations but couldn’t necessarily afford the lavish pieces. Every bride deserves luxury, and we set out to do just that.” Bella Weddings offers the same quality and craftsmanship that sets Arabella apart, but showcases more exclusively layered cards and simple folders. Also, Arabella established base pricing to let brides go as simple or as custom as they like, allowing clients to customize according to their need and save on cost.

 Arabella Papers is featured regularly in top bridal magazines and has an impressive portfolio of well-known clientele such as Trump Towers in New York City, actress Julie Andrews, makeup superstore Sephora, and the Prime Minister of Belize, to name a few. But regardless of whomever the client might be, customer service and complete client satisfaction continues to be of top priority at Arabella. Sugandha sums up the Arabella Papers approach to customer satisfaction like this: “I never want someone to feel that they are talking to just an answering service or they are another number in the day. Our environment is that of a family and all of us strive to deliver the same for our clients.”

Arabella’s newest launch is Custom Wedding: Volume II, the second album in their sophisticated luxury wedding collection.  It showcases 13 complete design suites with each displaying a full range of wedding stationery: save the date sets, invitation sets with inserts and response cards, as well as full reception accessories such as menus, programs, place cards, and table numbers.  Arabella is also launching the second album in its affordable luxury collection, Bella Classic Weddings, in April of 2011.  A new Bar/Bat Mitzvah album is also planned for late 2011, a relief to the diligent retailers who have been on the waiting list for that album for nearly a year and a half.  With all of the exciting changes and growth happening for Arabella Papers and its dedicated group of employees and clients, Sugandha says, “Sometimes, juggling being a business owner, a designer, mother of a 13 month old and a wife can become overwhelming, but I can truly say that I am where I dreamed I would be in life.”

 Arabella’s custom lines are available in fine stationery stores all over the US, such as Thérèse Saint Clair in Greenwich, Hyegraph in San Francisco, Francis-Orr in Corona Del Mar, Tabula Rasa in Salt Lake City, and Arabesque in Naples to name a few. Please visit for a complete list of retailers and be sure to visit them at booth 1237 at NSS in May!

Richard W. May
Founding Member Stationers Guild

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