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Over the last several years there has been a deluge of designers and printers introducing new styles of letterpress invitations.   Often considered a west coast phenomenon, letterpress printing has gradually displaced engraving as the choice of bridal couples for wedding invitations.

While some of the new letterpress designs and print quality reflect the standards of some of early pioneers in the letterpress revival, most letterpress designs fall flat.   As with any product, oversupply tends to lead to deterioration in quality and price competition at the lower end of the market.

Letterpress wedding invitations are not a commodity and there are huge differences in the quality of the end-product provided to the consumer.  This is not readily apparent when you see the many exaggerated claims of online printing companies hawking their latest letterpress wedding invitation designs.  In virtually all cases, these hyped claims fail miserably when compared to the mastery of letterpress printers who have plying their craft for a number of years.

For instance, if you compare the print quality, papers and tasteful designs of printers such as Julie Holcomb, Press New York, Oblation, Elum and Page Stationery (to name just a few) with most of the newcomer’s letterpress invitations, you will immediately see the difference.  Granted, these letterpress wedding invitations tend to be more expensive, but only the buyer can determine whether the print outcome is worth the difference in price.

The best way to experience the beauty of letterpress printing is to visit an experienced stationery store in your neighborhood to compare designs and feel the papers.    Frankly, color resolutions on the internet fail to capture the rich subtleties of letterpress printing.

Richard May
Thérèse Saint Clair

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