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Followers of the Stationers Guild Blog are aware that I have great respect for D’Arconte’s breathtaking engraved Christmas greeting cards. Bob D’Arconte is, perhaps, the only artisan in the United States that designs and engraves his own holiday cards, custom invitations and fine stationery. Clearly an expert of his profession, his cutting-edge designs on exquisite papers are simply little works of art.

For the past several years, I have been inundated by demands from customers trying to locate D’Arconte’s holiday cards at stores in their town. Unfortunately, his line of stationery and holiday greeting cards are not generally available outside of New York City. Other than our own shop in Greenwich, CT, I know that D’Arconte’s holiday cards may be purchased at Gumps in San Francisco, Francis Orr in Corona del Mar (California) and Tabala Rasa in Salt Lake City.

D’Arconte stationery products are not sold on the web. Mr. D’Arconte has been reluctant to promote his holiday greeting cards on the web because online image resolutions are very poor and it is unlikely to record the subtleties of engraving, especially on the vibrant white card stock he uses. This year, I got his agreement to provide you with 18 D’Arconte Christmas greeting cards which may be viewed and bought online. Picture resolutions do not do justice to the inherent elegance of these greeting cards; however, those acquainted with D’Arconte’s designs will now have the opportunity to indulge their desire for these stunning works of art.

A word about D’Arconte’s holiday card designs. First, the images don’t do his holiday cards justice. Engraved printing are three-dimensional and both the striking and subtle shapes of his engraved motifs and imprinted frames are simply missing in most Online browsers. Secondly, the loss of coloring or pronounced “white space” only elevates the beauty and balance of his artistic designs. Viewed on a “white” Internet background, the artistic effect and intricacy is regretfully lost. Thirdly, D’Arconte “bumps” metallic inks (primarily gold and silver) twice to give them a luxuriant burnished touch. D’Arconte’s pizzazz and craftsmanship is – in my opinion – many steps ahead of the rest of the field that seems to have difficulty finding their identity in designs and print quality that simply lacks energy.

Take a look at and order D’Arconte Christmas cards online or find a knowledgeable D’Arconte dealer in your town.

Richard W. May
Founding Member Holiday Greeting Cards

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