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I spend quite a bit of time on the Internet, but I hate using a cell phone.   Now this may seem a bit strange, but I can either praise or trash my Dad for this “phonophobia” (don’t think this is a word).  

The story goes something like this:   In the seventies (yes, the 1970s), I was standing with my Dad who was in the process of checking out at a grocery store.  The clerk at the register stopped what she was doing to answer a phone and within 5 seconds my Dad simply split and walked out of the store with me in tow.   All of the food items were left at the counter.

When I asked “Why?” my Dad simply responded “It is rude to answer a phone when you are engaged in a conversation with another human being.   What this person is telling me by their behavior is that I am an inconsequential person.  Why should I waste my time with that person.”   To this day, I vividly recall this conversation  and simply smile as I watch dozens of people daily respond to rings, buzzes and vibrations as they interact with digitized voices rather than “real” people. I suppose this is progress, but at what cost?

Now, I work with many talented artists and designers but to a person, these artists would prefer to see the “real” thing rather some abstraction on the internet.  Mind you, their internet representations are beautiful, but what internet image can compare to a painting at the MOMA or a music score written by Mozart that can be found at the J.P. Morgan Library?   That real-life experience is “priceless” to borrow a slick advertising tagline, but one that most true artists embrace.

One of my favorite designers is Inguna Trepsa of AnteMeridiem Designs.   I subscribe to her delightful Blog – Moods and Appetites – when I need a bit of inspiration. While I am in awe of her talent as manifest by her great visual representations, her Blog inspires me to get away from my computer monitor and the TV and “smell the roses.”   If you want to know what is going on in the world of fashion and color (with the occasional great historical and cultural insight), I suggest you sign up for Inguna’s Blog.

Now, Dauphine Press is doing a great job raising the bar on elegant design.  As a stationer, I am delighted to see stationery and invitations of great beauty and I am thrilled that Dauphine is taking the extra step in demonstrating how fashionable letterpress invitations can be – even on the Internet.  Here is a recent example from their lovely Blog on the Volusia Wedding Invitation:

As a retailer, I love to promote the lovely designs of our vendors. Most of us don’t have a lot of time to do so and, as such, it is a great relief to get quality images linking beautiful images and stationery to trending fashion designs. Thanks Dauphine for leading the way. If you are a stationer, I suggest you sign up now for Dauphine’s informative and colorful blog. The only thing better are “real” letterpress wedding invitation samples from the Albums.

Richard W. May
Therese Saint Clair

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