Julie Holcomb

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Julie Holcomb is one of the leading designers for letterpress wedding invitations in the world. For 26 years, she has gained a reputation for excellence in letterpress printing and and contemporary wedding stationery designs. She is passionate about fine papers and the craftmanship that goes into making fine invitations. Like most fine paper designers, she does not sell custom invitations over the internet. Her explanation, which has been lifted from her website is quoted below: "If you are like most people, you have never ordered any kind of custom printing prior to ordering your wedding invitations, and you can benefit a great deal from the experience of your local stationer, who orders all kinds of custom printing, from many vendors, all the time. They'll help you make sure you're covering all the bases and making decisions you'll be happy with for a long time. "When you work with your local stationer, it's a secure process for you and for us. We can confidently print your invitations or other stationery, knowing that what we are creating is exactly what you are expecting. You've held our paper in your hands, you've seen all of our designs, typefaces, and edgings for yourself, and you've seen the ink color you've chosen, printed on our white and on our cream paper. And you can place your order with confidence in the quality of what you will receive, because your stationer knows us well. They stand 100% behind the quality of our work, because they know we do. As our repeat customers, they know that we always deliver the very highest quality, and within the timeframe we promise." Julie Holcomb is a professional and is accustomed to working with only the finest professionals in the industry. In the first quarter of this year, she will introduce gicle which allows you her to print a very high resolution image on the back of the invitation. If you are seeking invitations of unquestionable beauty and superior craftmanship, look no further than Julie Holcomb.