Dauphine Press

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Dauphine Press is an outstanding letterpress designer that is now introducing their beautiful wedding line to more extended audience. Guild members were blown away by these beautiful letterpress designs at the 2006 National Stationery Show. Dauphine Press, founded in 1999 by graphic designer Trish Kinsella, is a letterpress design and print studio located in Sonoma County, California. Trish initially became captivated by letterpress printing while designing her own wedding invitations, and eventually turned her talent and attention to the contemporary revival of this craft. Today - using fifty-year-old Heidelberg Windmill letterpresses - Dauphine Press creates distinctive invitations by combining images from the past and present with beautiful type and marrying them with rich papers.

Letterpress is a centuries-old relief printing process. The basic theory remains unchanged over the past five centuries, though modern technology allows us to combine digital layout with traditional printing. All type and images are raised up on a polymer plate and form the printed image area, while the recessed areas surrounding the design do not print. The ink from the printing press is applied to these raised areas of the plate, which is then pressed into the paper. Letterpress printing imparts an unmistakable impression in the paper, giving a vivid, three-dimensional appearance. We strongly recommend that you contact a Guild member in your neighborhood to explore the customization options with Dauphine Press.