Birchcraft Studios

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Birchcraft Studios provides attractively priced wedding invitations and holiday cards. Many Guild Member stores carry Birchcraft's wedding invitation album at the store but, if you are so inclined, you may view and purchase a Birchcraft wedding invitations online. We do not recommend this practice, but clients who are familiar with Birchcraft’s invitations may find this approach more convenient.

Guild Members tend to carry several Birchcraft’s holiday card albums. Birchcraft has an extensive range of business, religious and humorous holiday cards at attractive prices. Drop in to a Guild Member store in your neighborhood to view Birchcraft’s extensive line of holiday cards in person or purchase them directly online through the Guild's affiliation program with Birchcraft. Again, we do not recommend purchasing holiday greeting cards, Christmas photo cards or holiday invitations online; however, those who feel comfortable with the Birchcraft line may find that purchasing their greeting cards online is more convenient. Please note that the the Guild's affiliation program with Birchcraft is presently be facilitated by Guild member Therese Saint Clair until a formal licensing arrangement is concluded between Birchcraft and the StationersGuild.