Birthday Parties

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Whether you are planning a birthday party for your spouse, friend or a child, Guild member stores have hundreds of invitation samples to help stimulate your imagination. For children, they carry a wide assortment of themed birthday invitations ranging from “little princess” parties to fire-engines and from paint-ball parties to circus clowns. While adult birthday party invitations tend to be a bit more formal, they can still be a lot of fun so let your imagination run wild. If you are short of time or inspiration, feel free to call a Member store to help you design a birthday invitation that will truly showcase your birthday event.


We celebrate your 39th birthday every day. While Jack Benny’s age-cap still brings a smile, planning a birthday party for your spouse or a friend can often meet with some resistance. When in doubt, surprise them! Keep the party a secret and engage the store to print your birthday invitation and mail it. Whether you are planning a formal sit-down dinner or more casual affair, our Member stores have hundreds of samples of birthday invitations to complement your party theme.


While a child’s birthday party is generally easier to orchestrate than one for an adult, children and their parents are equally demanding when selecting a child’s birthday invitation. While movies and pizza parties may work for some, paint-ball or rock-climbing parties are the preference for others. If you are looking for that impossible theme party that has impassioned your child, look no further than a Guild member store in your neighborhood. They carry hundreds of birthday themes to choose from and, if you can’t find what you are looking for their experienced graphics staff will create a custom design. Most boxed birthday invitations are imprintables, but most stores still carry fill-in invitations for those inclined to write them by hand.