Photo Cards

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Photo cards remain very popular in sending holiday greetings to distant family and friends. Most Guild member stores offer a promotional discount of between 10% and 20% on all personalized photo cards ordered between August 1 and September 30. While families are often scrambling to get the “right” family portrait to take advantage of the sale, those casual vacation photos make great choices for holiday photo cards. It’s often a whole lot easier than getting your teenagers to smile for the camera.

Unlike the online photo shops that sell template-based holiday cards that often look like business promotional post cards, member stores offer a wide selection of attractive photo cards for every budget. Traditionally, most photos (generally, 4”x 6”) were mounted in sleeves or fixed to the card with double-sided tape. Lately, several companies now print your photo or photos directly on the surface in an almost endless variety of sizes. While pictures printed on photographic paper tend to be of better quality and higher resolution, the convenience of having your photographs printed directly on the holiday card saves assembly time.

We strongly recommend that you bring your photograph to a member store to insure that the card border and frame complements the picture and brings out the best in your family. If purchasing online, be reminded that colors are often distorted on your monitor and it sometimes takes a “leap of faith” to select the right card. When in doubt, we recommend that you opt for the simplest border or frame.