Business Holiday Cards

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Many businesses perfunctorily send out non-denominational holiday greeting cards each year. As stationers, we are surprised at the expense many of these companies incur each year to send out holiday cards that are rather pedestrian and in some cases tasteless. In our opinion, a corporate holiday card should complement and promote a firm’s charitable and community relations activities. For instance, if you are supporting the “arts”, use a greeting card with a painting by a young artist or a musical theme to indicate your support for your City or State Opera or Orchestra. To show your “green” commitment, you might indicate that a tree has been planted for each holiday card that has been sent. In short, add context to your annual greeting card to differentiate your firm and strengthen the interpersonal relationship with your vendors and clients. Doing the “right thing” can quickly become contagious.

Guild member stores generally offer a promotional discount of between 10% and 20% on all holiday greeting cards between August 1 and September 30. If you plan to send more than 2,500 holiday cards or would like some professional advice on how to take customize your card, please contact a Guild member store for pricing and helpful suggestions to add “pop” to your seasonal holiday card. If you are planning a corporate holiday party, look no further than your neighborhood store for inspired invitations, custom cocktail napkins, and seasonal place cards and personalized party favors.