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When should we start worrying about ordering holiday cards?

It is best to order personalized holiday cards before the first week of November to insure that your cards will be printed on time. Orders that occur after November 15th are subject to delays and lack of availability of certain card styles and product lines. Corporate customers should especially note this time-table.

Do Guild members offer discounts for holiday cards?

Yes. Between August 1 and September 30, most Guild member stores in coordination with their vendors offer a 10% to 20% discount on all personalized holiday greeting card and holiday photo card orders. This is great opportunity to save money and get a head-start on addressing your holiday cards.

Do Guild members offer photo cards?

Guild member stores carry a large selection of boxed photo cards, but generally encourage their clients to take advantage of personalizing their photo cards by ordering from cards from the Fine Paper collections. It is always helpful (read necessity!) to bring your photograph when selecting your card to make sure that border and frame colors complement and enhance your family photo. If you with personalize your holiday card, both conventional photo cards and digital photo cards are available.

Do Guild members sell holiday cards on the Internet?

Guild members do not generally sell holiday cards online. Nevertheless, some stores offer a limited number of photo cards and greeting cards from established vendors for sale online to accommodate clients who have difficulty getting to their store (i.e. international clients). Like most fine stationery, it is best to select your cards in person.

What size photo works best?

The 4"x 6" photograph continues to be the most popular size. A wide selection of photo cards is available in this size. Many of the boxed photo cards will accommodate both a vertical or horizontal card, although there tends to be more choices for photos with a horizontal orientation.

Can I customize the verse?

Most Fine Paper companies allow you to create your own greetings. Custom artwork can also be submitted, especially for corporate work, but require more turn-around time.

Isn’t it cheaper to buy holiday cards off the shelf (boxed cards)?

In general, it is often less expensive to purchase personalized photo cards or greeting cards from Fine Paper companies if you are looking for more than 100 cards. Certainly, many more choices are available from the albums to suit your budget and there is considerable flexibility in personalizing your card.

Can you imprint the photograph directly on a holiday card?

The reproduction quality of a photograph is still considerably higher than images imprinted on non-photographic cards. While several companies will print your images on card stock, we do not believe that there is an adequate cost/quality benefit to be derived from this process at the present time. Smaller photograph images (2"x 2" or 3"x 3") in sepia or black and white do tend to look good on certain card stock (baby or wedding announcements) because it gives it a nostalgic look. This is an evolving process and this year (2008) major strides were made in improving print quality.