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Do you sell baby announcements online?

No. Like most serious stationers, most Guild Members do not sell fine stationery or invitations online. For memorable events in people’s lives like the birth of a baby, we strongly recommend that you select an announcement that will stand the test of time. Like a wedding invitation, a birth announcement is something that belongs in the family album and is something that will be treasured for generations.

I don’t have time. What do you recommend?

Most clients schedule an appointment to review baby announcements well before the baby’s due date. They select the invitation(s) appropriate for the sex of the baby (two samples if the sex is not known) and the member store holds the invitation in a pending file until the birth of the baby. The mother or father simply gives the store a call with the name, weight and time of birth and we send the order in for production. The envelopes can even be sent ahead for addressing. We find that a little bit of planning can save you considerable time and stress.

What type of birth announcement do you recommend?

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of samples to guide the design of your custom birth announcement. Some families have been using the identical birth announcement for three generations. A rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether your new son or daughter would approve of your selection on their wedding day. The passage of time puts most decisions in perspective.