Birth Announcement

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For many years our members have had many joyous opportunities to help the happy parents sort through the many fine designs and paper options available at their. We counsel parents to schedule an appointment two to three months before the baby is due to select their birth announcement. Even if parents don’t know the sex of the baby or have agreed upon a name, they can select the announcement well before the baby is due. When the happy day arrives, our staff simply pulls your selection(s) from our pending file, fills in the name, weight, and time of birth for the “sex-appropriate” card you have chosen and submits your order for printing. We can also arrange to pre-ship the envelopes for addressing well before the due date.

Given the time pressure and stress, many parents have opted to the Internet to select their baby announcement. While an expedient option, most “digital” birth announcements simply don’t rise to the significance of the occasion. Selecting your baby announcement is a tactile experience and Internet image resolutions of 72 dpi are of such poor quality that most announcement images are seriously compromised. Plan ahead and visit a member stores to see some truly exemplary birth announcements that will withstand the “test-of-time.” Look back with pride and joy at your choice when you sit down with your children and grandchildren to walk them through the family album.